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Month: December 2019

The Squib Load

Last week I had two squib loads. Both were from the same box of factory ammo. If you shoot enough, eventually you’re probably going to run into this ammunition-related malfunction. It’s important to know to recognize this one. Failure to recognize it could result in serious damage to your gun and serious injury to you.

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Survival Cooking: Charcoal Grills

My last “survival cooking” post covered something that doesn’t seem too out of place in a survival/preparedness context. Today’s post. . . might. I’m going to talk about using your charcoal grill. It’s not a conventional “prepper” item, and most of the prepper literature prefers to talk about dedicated wilderness/survival stoves. Those definitely have their advantages, but the lowly grill is often overlooked. In my opinion it is one of the best “entry level” survival cooking items you can own.

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