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Month: July 2020

Should Everyone Own a Gun?

A reader recently wrote in with a very thought-provoking question: should everyone have a gun? I’ll be honest – it caught me a bit off guard. I realized that I didn’t have an immediate answer, but promised to spend some time thinking about it. I have spent several weeks pondering this question off and on because I wanted to give a nuanced, thoughtful answer. First, I’ll state the reader’s case. Then I will provide my answer to the question, “should everyone own a gun?”

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Defensive AR-15 Setup 1: Sights

The AR-15 is about as common a rifle as you’ll find in this country. If you don’t own an AR-15 you might want to think about it. Few other firearms give you the same defensive capability. The AR platform is extremely easy to operate, infinitely customizable, reliable, and easy for most people to use. Whether you plan to purchase one in the future or already own one, you may want to know about defensive AR-15 setup.

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Defensive 1911: Reliability

Some of you have expressed interest in the defensive 1911. Some others have written in with more general questions about 1911s. These days there aren’t a whole lot of people – at least people of my generation – taking 1911s very seriously. Today I’m going to talk about some reliability factors of the defensive 1911, maybe a few things to think about before taking up the 1911.

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Humaning 101: Basic Hand Tools, Part II

In Part I of this article I talked about some basic hand tools every household should have. The were basic PPE, screwdrivers, pliers, hex keys, hammer, measuring and marking tools, and saws. Those tools should get just about everyone started. Today I’m going to talk about a few more that I think are more or less essential and are still well within the realm of “basic” hand tools (and I wax philosophical here and there). Enjoy.

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