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About the Author

On this blog I am going to do something I have never done: provide a select list of training I have received over the years. This isn’t a curriculum vitae, but a select list of training in specific skill areas. I am also going to provide a means of verifying these claims through a third party who will confirm my background upon request.


Firearms & Tactics Training
MARSOF Direct Action & Special Reconnaissance Courses (~16 weeks) – MARSOC
MARSOF Technical Surveillance Course (~12 weeks) – MARSOC
Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (5 days) – MARSOC
Custom CQB Course (5 days) – Blackwater, USA
Pistol/Carbine Course (3 days) – TigerSwan, Inc.
Practical Revolvers – Chuck Haggard
Snubnose Revolvers – Greg Ellifritz

Medical Training
Paramedic (current student)
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – NAEMT
Tactical Combat Casualty Care – U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of State
Operator’s Emergency Medical Skills w/ Live Tissue Lab (5 days) – Deployment Medicine, Inc.
Tactical First Aid & Collapse Medicine – Active Response Training

High Performance Driving Training
Evasive Driving Course (5 days) – Bill Scott Racing
WPPS Personal Security Specialist Course (5 days of driving) – Blackwater, USA

Digital Security Training:
Social Engineering for Penetration Testers (5 day) – Chris Hadnagy
Cyber Advanced Support Operations (CASO) (10 day) – White Canvas Group

Covert Entry Training
Surreptitious Entry I, II, & III, Vehicle Access I & II (5 days each) – Undisclosed Provider
Covert Entry Course (5 days) – U.S. Army Counter-Surreptitious Entry School
Basic Alarms Overview Course (5 days) – U.S. Army Counter-Surreptitious Entry School
Basic Locksmithing Course (6 days) – Associated Locksmiths of America