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ATP E007: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. It impacts your body in so many ways it is almost incalculable. Rich and I did this episode because I really believe that we have undervalued sleep – a biological necessity – and do a huge disservice to ourselves by doing so. This is probably our most-referenced episode, as improving yourself in nearly any way can be improved if you get a good night’s sleep.

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Planning a Good Range Session

I usually go the range and have a decent session. Occasionally I go and have a horrible session where everything seems to go wrong. Lately during most of my range sessions everything seems to go right – I get a lot done, perform well on drills, and feel great the end of it. The difference between all other sessions and a great one is preparation. Today I’m going to talk about planning a good range session.

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ATP E006: How to Change a Tire

Changing a tire is a skill that everyone who drives should know and know well. If you’ve never changed a tire give it time – I’m sure it will come up. Though tires are stronger than ever they still fail from time to time. I hadn’t had to change a tire in years and the need presented itself twice in the past month. This post will discuss the basics of how to change a tire, as well as a couple little things I’ve picked up.

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