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Pictorial Post: Mushrooms

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Recently on one of my twice-weekly hikes I noticed that the mushrooms were out in force. There must have been perfect conditions for a flush recently because I observed over 20 types of mushrooms (I think; I know next-to-nothing about mushrooms) in a single afternoon. I took a lot of pictures. This is may be a flash in the pan…or the beginning of a new obsession. Time will tell.


In the meantime, don’t use this post to identify any mushrooms. I have no clue what any of these mushrooms are and make not claims as to what they are. If you aren’t convinced of the danger of eating unidentified (or misidentified) mushrooms, take 30 minutes and listen to this podcast. Seriously, it’s worth it.

Poisonous mushrooms are scary, but only a handful out of several thousand species are dangerous. And all, even the deadly ones (maybe especially the deadly ones) are fascinating to look at. This little bonus post is simply about appreciating the beauty and infinite variability of nature. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining me on this woods walk!


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