Swift | Silent | Deadly

About the Name

Welcome to Swift | Silent | Deadly!

Hello and welcome to Swift | Silent | Deadly, a personal blog by me, Justin Fields! I’m on a mission to help others become more capable and competent human beings.

What is “Swift, Silent, Deadly” about?

“Swift, Silent, Deadly” is the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps’ three Reconnaissance battalions. Reconnaissance Marines pride themselves on being “jacks of all trades.” In fact, the Reconnaissance logo is called the “Jack” and signifies various skills possessed by a Reconnaissance man.

My intent in using this motto is not to co-opt it for myself. However, the value of being skilled at many things rather than ultra-skilled at just one has been the watchword of my life. Our world (especially the blog-o-sphere) is full of specialists. Here we will honor the credo, “swift, silent, deadly” and the ideals of being a generalist by embracing an extreme lack of specialization.