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The Occasional Rant

Let’s Talk About Fentanyl

As is frequently pointed out, anything – hammers, cars, guns…whatever – can be used for good or ill, depending on the user and intent. And such is the case with fentanyl. Though it’s the new “f-word,” fentanyl is one of the best, safest narcotic pain relievers in emergency medicine. This statement surprises a lot of people, so let’s talk about it.

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Across The Peak Podcast Re-Release!

I have some very exciting news! Rich Brown and I have decided to re-release the old Across The Peak Podcast archive. Across The Peak was a podcast we hosted and produced in 2018/19, but were forced to abruptly discontinue. However, we still have most of the episodes and are going to keep them alive here.

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8 Defense Lessons from “Creep” (2014 Film)

The film Creep (also available on Netflix) is absolutely one of my favorite movies in the horror genre. My girlfriend introduced me to a couple years ago. I remain fascinated by its low-budget, quirky weirdness, and I think there are some solid survival and defense lessons from Creep. Let’s take a look at them!

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New Motto: Esse Quam Videri

Some of you have probably noticed the new logo on the site here. The past year saw a lot of effort go into this blog, including the adoption of a new motto: Esse quam videri – to be rather than to seem.

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5 Steps to AMAG – (Actually) Make America Great

Many of you are dissatisfied with the results of last year’s Presidential election. As a political atheist and card-carrying “unaffiliated” I don’t have a dog in the fight. Most of you have sworn allegiance to a particular party, so allow me to offer you a bit of encouragement. Regardless of who holds the office of the President, the power to “make America great” resides where it always has: with The People. Here are some outstanding ways we can actually make America great.

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Narcan and Choices

Last year I attended a very, very good tactical medicine class that I paid for out-of-pocket. One thing that interested me was a student question about Narcan: “why would you bother saving their life?” I have been fascinated by that question ever since, and it came up again recently. I wrote this article in May of 2020. For some reason I shelved it and forgot all about it until I read this last week. Since I wrote this article I’ve had the opportunity to administer Narcan several times on the job. My opinion hasn’t changed.

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On Being a Good Teammate

How to Be A Bad Teammate

I recently realized the importance of having a good partner at work. Your partner can make or break your day just by the attitude he or she has. There are people I would do anything to work with again, and people I would do anything to avoid working with again. That got me thinking about being a teammate in general. I’ve had a bit of a journey – frankly, I haven’t always been a good teammate. Though I’m sure it comes naturally to some of you, it was a skill I had to work to cultivate. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to be a bad teammate.

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Military Guys Can’t Teach CCW

I recently saw a post on a gun blog† that said military and former military personnel are unqualified to teach civilian firearms classes. There is a kernel of truth to this statement, but while the words have traveled widely, their meaning has been left in the dust. Let’s look at the argument that military guys can’t teach CCW, then let’s clear this up, shall we?

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