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Hello and welcome to Swift | Silent | Deadly, a blog by me, Justin Fields. I’m a former Marine Corps Special Operator, government contractor, professional trainer, and current paramedic. I’m on a mission to help others become more capable, competent human beings by sharing the lessons learned from a lifetime of adventure. Read more about me.


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My Luminox Dive Watch: A Constant Companion

Few physical objects that pass through our lives seem to last more than a few years. Despite costing tens of thousands, vehicles are usually gone within a decade. TVs, refrigerators, washing machines? They’re gone within half a decade. Shoes? A year or two. For those of you forty and over: what do you own right now that you owned when you were twenty? I can’t name many but the one item that comes unerringly to mind is my Luminox dive watch.

On Being a Good Teammate

How to Be A Bad Teammate

I recently realized the importance of having a good partner at work. Your partner can make or break your day just by the attitude he or she has. There are people I would do anything to work with again, and people I would do anything to avoid working with again. That got me thinking about being a teammate in general. I’ve had a bit of a journey – frankly, I haven’t always been a good teammate. It was a skill I had to work to cultivate. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to be a bad teammate.

The Minimalist EDC Lockpick Kit

I have never carried any real lock defeat gear in my EDC. I just didn’t see the need. In the few short months I’ve worked part-time at EMS I’ve had the need to bypass some locks to get to patients. This has caused me to reconsider my position. Now I carry a  minimalist EDC lockpick kit for such emergencies. Today I’ll talk about what’s in that kit, and how it might apply to you.

Defensive 1911: Managing 1911 Safeties

The 1911 has a two manual safeties that must be disengaged simultaneously to operate the firearm. These safeties are often misunderstood or simply misused.  Managing 1911 safeties effectively and reliably is paramount to deploying the defensive 1911. There are hardware and software issues that go into managing these safeties, and today we take a look at those factors.