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Hello and welcome to Swift | Silent | Deadly, a blog by me, Justin Fields. I’m a former Marine Corps Special Operator, government contractor, professional trainer, and current paramedic. I’m on a mission to help others become more capable, competent human beings by sharing the lessons learned from a lifetime of adventure. Read more about me.


The Latest

Long Range Pistol Shooting Tips

Last week I posted a video on Patreon of me shooting what I called “the Eli Drill.” This is a 40-yard pistol drill quickly developed after the Greenwood mall shooting. Since posting that video I’ve gotten several questions about long range pistol shooting. I’m no expert but I’m glad to offer a few tips that have helped me.

Wild Edibles of The Southern Appalachians

As most regular readers have probably sensed, I’ve been on something of a survival “journey” over the past couple of years. Though I had a lot of head-knowledge about survival I didn’t practice much of it. Over the last couple of years I’ve invested a lot of time into bettering my survival skills. Food has been pretty low on my list. Recently I’ve begun to correct that by learning some wild edibles of the southern Appalachians.