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Hello and welcome to Swift | Silent | Deadly, a blog by me, Justin Fields. I’m a former Marine Corps Special Operator, government contractor, professional trainer, and current paramedic. I’m on a mission to help others become more capable, competent human beings by sharing the lessons learned from a lifetime of adventure. Read more about me.


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USCAN Deadbolt: The Best Residential Deadbolt

Finding a deadbolt that I am comfortable recommending, and that is somewhat affordable has been difficult. Thanks to a locksmith friend I have finally found one that I can recommend with confidence. It is the USCAN Grade II Deadbolt, quite possible the best residential deadbolt you can buy at such an affordable price. I have had these on my house for the past two months. Let’s talk about what makes them so great, and where to buy them.

Poisonous Plants of the Southern Appalachians – UPDATED!

Recently I published and article called Wild Edibles of the Southern Appalachians. While putting that article together I did a lot of research. I wanted to put out the best and safest information possible. In doing so I learned just how many poisonous plants there are out there. Here are just a few of the most dangerous poisonous plants of the Southern Appalachians. 

Upcoming Training: Blackside Operator’s Course 01-24

Coming in Early 2024… A collaboration between Across The Peak co-hosts Rich Brown and Justin Carroll. This immersive, live-aboard, 5-day course is unlike any other “gun class” you’ve ever attended. Designed to give the student the ability to survive and thrive in the urban, “blackside” environment, Blackside Operator’s Course (BSOC) will make you comfortable in any situation. From fancy dinner party to prevailing in a gritty street fight, you’ll be ready. This is a gentleman’s course and business/business casual attire will be expected for throughout the class.

Carry 1911 Review: RIA TAC Ultra CS 9mm

Pistols of the 1911 persuasion are not generally at their best when forced into the budget category. Notoriously finicky eaters by nature, their reliability is usually directly proportional to their cost, and cheap 1911s usually suffer in the “fit and finish” department, as well. Usually. Rock Island Armory has a strong reputation as an affordable 1911 that is still a solid shooter. I decided to test out the RIA TAC Ultra CS 9mm 1911, and here’s how it did.

Medical: HSGI Reflex IFAK System Review

Medical gear is a critical component of any battle belt, bump-in-the-night kit, or whatever you want to call it. If you go to guns, there is a chance that guns will go to you or your loved ones. You need to be prepared to deal with it. It’s also a really good idea to have a “blowout kit” with you at the range. I spent quite a bit of time picking out a suitable individual first aid kit (IFAK), and finally settled on the HSGI ReFlex IFAK System about a year ago. I’ve been using it since then, and this is what I think of it.

Wild Edibles of The Southern Appalachians – UPDATED

As most regular readers have probably sensed, I’ve been on something of a survival “journey” over the past couple of years. Though I had a lot of head-knowledge about survival I didn’t practice much of it. Over the last couple of years I’ve invested a lot of time into bettering my survival skills. Gathering food in a survival situation has been pretty low on my list. Recently I’ve begun to correct that by learning some wild edibles of the southern Appalachians.