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More Than Just a Gun: Building a Concealed Carry System

When it comes to building a concealed carry system here is a lot of emphasis on the firearm itself. That’s not totally misplaced; the gun is the most expensive and arguably most important component in the concealed carry setup. There’s a whole lot more to successful concealed carry than just the gun, however.

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My Pet Monster: Shotgun Skills with FPF Training

Yesterday I attended Shotgun Skills with FPF Training. Taught by Tim Chandler and Ashton Ray, this is my first formal shotgun class. Bottom line up front: if you’re looking to improve your existing shotgun skills or gain new ones, if you want to tame the monster and turn it into a pet, you should consider this class.

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Racking the Shotgun: Fear Factor or Bullet Magnet?

Things in the firearms world tend to suffer something of a pendulum swing. One such thing is the concept of racking the shotgun. For decades there was a lot of really obnoxious conventional wisdom that said working a pump shotgun’s action was a terrifying sound. The sound alone, it was said, would make a bad guy run away in fear.

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Shotguns are Not Low Capacity Weapons

The internet is chuck-a-buck full of myths and distortions about defensive shotguns. There is one that has always particularly bugged me. The myth, one common even among “shotgun guys,” is that the shotgun is a “low capacity weapon.” Shotguns are not low-capacity weapons, and this article will explain why.

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Gun Owner 101: Choosing a Carry Gun

Today we continue with the Gun Owner 101 series, finally arriving at the guns themselves. Choosing a carry gun is a daunting proposition in market crowded with competing offerings. This article will hopefully offer some tools to help you thin the herd and arrive at the best possible handgun for your personal protection. 

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A Look Back at My Concealed Carry Handguns

I have carried several different firearms over the past two decades. I recently did an accounting of the guns that I have considered my “carry gun.” The list was longer than I anticipated – six pistols and three revolvers. Since I’m sort of on a retrospective kick lately, let’s take a look at my concealed carry handguns, and more importantly, what I learned from them.

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