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JM Custom Kydex Magazine Pouch Review

Regardless of whether you carry a spare mag or not, you have to reload on the range. Why not learn to do it well? That’s why you need a magazine pouch. This JM Custom Kydex Magazine Pouch Review will show off my favorite magazine pouch for the range, and concealed carry.

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Firearm Alternative for NPE: ASP Metro Defender OC

One of the common complaints I hear when I recommend pepper spray is, “But where would I put it?” One effective tool that will fit almost anywhere is the ASP Metro Defender. I have recommended this tool before, on the advice of others, but I have been carrying one myself for a year now. Let’s take a closer look at the ASP Metro Defender, and excellent firearm alternative for Non-Permissive Environment Carry.

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Southern Cross Bourbon Review

I’m going to start right up front by saying I’m not a bourbon reviewer. I know what I like, but generally speaking, I ain’t got the words. And this little “review” probably isn’t going to make a bourbon reviewer out of me. I was so impressed with Southern Cross High Proof Bourbon Whiskey that I felt compelled to write about it, however. I reached out to a brand representative who offered to send me a bottle for review and I jumped at the opportunity, so this is my Southern Cross Bourbon review.

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The Civilian Battle Belt Setup

The civilian battle belt is a belt containing all the stuff you might need to defend your home. It is a pre-assembled, ready-to-go kit, allowing you to simply stand up, don, and go. It provides a lot more capability than a pistol, rifle, or shotgun alone. I’m not suggesting that having a good pistol or long gun is insufficient, but this is a step above and beyond. This article will primarily focus on battle belt setup, with mine as a point of reference.

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Medical: HSGI Reflex IFAK System Review

Medical gear is a critical component of any battle belt, bump-in-the-night kit, or whatever you want to call it. If you go to guns, there is a chance that guns will go to you or your loved ones. You need to be prepared to deal with it. It’s also a really good idea to have a “blowout kit” with you at the range. I spent quite a bit of time picking out a suitable individual first aid kit (IFAK), and finally settled on the HSGI ReFlex IFAK System about a year ago. I’ve been using it since then, and this is what I think of it.

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XShears – The Best Trauma Scissors

I wasn’t really looking for better trauma shears when I stumbled upon XShears trauma scissors. I was mostly OK with the cheap, disposable trauma scissors I get for free at work. A friend gave me a pair or XShears as a gift and I realized XShears are the absolute best trauma scissors. This article is mostly for my EMT/Paramedic crowd, but if you need a pair of bomb-proof scissors, read on!

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