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Recce Patrolling Part VII: Patrol Base Ops

At some point your recce patrol will have to halt for an extended period of time. This is when you will establish a patrol base. Understanding patrol base ops is critical for a recce team.  This may differ quite a bit from how patrol base operations are conducted by larger infantry units due to the peculiar nature of recce patrols.

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Hiking 101: How to Start Hiking

I absolutely love hiking. We live within the boundaries of a National Forest, and a short drive from two federally-designated wilderness areas. Our house is only an hour’s drive to another National Park. We see a lot of people in the woods, many of whom are grossly unprepared, and we’ve taken our fair share of newbies for their first “real” hike. Here is the advice I would give a beginner on how to start hiking.

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My Pet Monster: Shotgun Skills with FPF Training

Yesterday I attended Shotgun Skills with FPF Training. Taught by Tim Chandler and Ashton Ray, this is my first formal shotgun class. Bottom line up front: if you’re looking to improve your existing shotgun skills or gain new ones, if you want to tame the monster and turn it into a pet, you should consider this class.

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Recce Patrolling V: Basic Patrolling Skills

In our last post we covered recce team insertion. Today we are going to cover some basic patrolling skills. Patrolling is nothing more than moving through the woods, but there is some technique to it. This post will mainly focus on team techniques and SOPs.

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Recce Patrolling IV: Recce Team Insertion

A recce patrol begins at insert, and insert is a really vulnerable time for a patrol. This post intends to talk through some considerations for recce team insertion. It also discusses how other, seemingly unrelated skills are vital to successful recce operations.

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Basics of Wilderness Survival Shelter Building

The ability to build a wilderness survival shelter is one of the most critical survival skills you can possess. Being stranded outdoors can be lethal without the ability to protect yourself from the elements. Shelter provides you protection from the elements: rain/snow, wind, cold, and beating sun. An effective shelter also provides a huge psychological boost and a sense of security.

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