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CQB Carbine Qual: MEU(SOC) M4A1 Rifle Qualification

The MEU(SOC) M4A1 Rifle Qualification is (was?) the course of fire shot buy Force Recon Marines in the “CQB Package.” Heavy on multiple targets, shooting on the move, and close range, it was designed for precision shooting in dynamic environment. I shot this qualification many times as a Marine…but I haven’t really touched it since. Let’s take a look! 

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I Made a Shooting Drill: The Ten Second Standards

I made a shooting drill! I am calling it the Ten Second Standards. These “standards” are the personal tasks I strive to able to perform, on-demand, with my EDC pistol. It only requires one target and ten rounds, is revolver-friendly, and the entire COF can be shot in two minutes or less. There are a million other shooting drills out there, but I believe this one brings something to the table…even if it’s just a novel drill to shoot.

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JM Custom Kydex Magazine Pouch Review

Regardless of whether you carry a spare mag or not, you have to reload on the range. Why not learn to do it well? That’s why you need a magazine pouch. This JM Custom Kydex Magazine Pouch Review will show off my favorite magazine pouch for the range, and concealed carry.

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Firearm Alternative for NPE: ASP Metro Defender OC

One of the common complaints I hear when I recommend pepper spray is, “But where would I put it?” One effective tool that will fit almost anywhere is the ASP Metro Defender. I have recommended this tool before, on the advice of others, but I have been carrying one myself for a year now. Let’s take a closer look at the ASP Metro Defender, and excellent firearm alternative for Non-Permissive Environment Carry.

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