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BOLO: Beware Counterfeit Sig Romeo 5 Optics

The Sig Romeo 5 optic is a fantastic budget optic. It is inexpensive and most importantly, works well. I have purchased a couple of these optics and have been favorably impressed by them. Currently I am reviewing a M1 Carbine from Fulton Armory. Wanting to evaluate it with an optic, I ordered a Romeo 5. I ended up with a counterfeit Sig Romeo 5, and thought I would share what I learned.

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AAR: Gospel of the Gauge with Sym-Tac Consulting Shotgun Skills

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take Sym-Tac Consulting Shotgun Skills (2-day). I have been an acolyte of the gauge for quite some time. I attended a class with Tim and Ashton a couple years ago, but this was my first time getting the good news directly from Rob and Matt Haught. Short-story: this is a shotgun class par excellence. If you want to improve your capabilities with the shotgun, train with Sym-Tac. Read on for the details!

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Shoot Like an Operator Part II: CSAT Rifle Standards

Last week we took at look at the CSAT Pistol Standards. This week we shift to carbine and shoot the CSAT Rifle standards. Like the pistol standards, this set of drills was designed by Paul Howe. Howe is a highly respected special operations veteran, former member of “the unit” and the Battle of The Black Sea. He is also the author of Leadership and Training for the Fight and The CSAT Way. Let’s get into the CSAT Rifle Standards!

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Shoot Like an Operator: The CSAT Pistol Standards

Always on the lookout for a new pistol drill, qualification, or standard, I was excited to run across the CSAT Pistol Standards! I have not trained with Paul Howe, but know of him through his books, The CSAT Way and Leadership and Training for the Fight (both of which are highly recommended). I also know that Howe was a Delta operator during the Battle of the Black Sea, the battle detailed in Blackhawk Down. That said, I am very interested in what Paul Howe thinks is important in a pistol qual.

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CQB Carbine Qual: MEU(SOC) M4A1 Rifle Qualification

The MEU(SOC) M4A1 Rifle Qualification is (was?) the course of fire shot buy Force Recon Marines in the “CQB Package.” Heavy on multiple targets, shooting on the move, and close range, it was designed for precision shooting in dynamic environment. I shot this qualification many times as a Marine…but I haven’t really touched it since. Let’s take a look! 

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I Made a Shooting Drill: The Ten Second Standards

I made a shooting drill! I am calling it the Ten Second Standards. These “standards” are the personal tasks I strive to able to perform, on-demand, with my EDC pistol. It only requires one target and ten rounds, is revolver-friendly, and the entire COF can be shot in two minutes or less. There are a million other shooting drills out there, but I believe this one brings something to the table…even if it’s just a novel drill to shoot.

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