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Southern Cross Bourbon Review

I’m going to start right up front by saying I’m not a bourbon reviewer. I know what I like, but generally speaking, I ain’t got the words. And this little “review” probably isn’t going to make a bourbon reviewer out of me. I was so impressed with Southern Cross High Proof Bourbon Whiskey that I felt compelled to write about it, however. I reached out to a brand representative who offered to send me a bottle for review and I jumped at the opportunity, so this is my Southern Cross Bourbon review.

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Hiking with Trekking Poles

I’ve always questioned the value of trekking poles. To be honest, I’ve always thought of them as a somewhat goofy-looking fashion statement. Last year I began to reconsider, though. With a big increase in hiking and especially hiking over elevation, I started looking for something to ease my knee pain on hikes with lots of downhill. So, I gave them a try, and after ~40 miles on trail with them, they’re now essential kit for me. Bottom line up front: If you’re a banged-up, high-mileage model like me – and don’t want to give up hiking – you might benefit significantly from hiking with trekking poles.

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