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UNLOC (UNconventional Lock Opening Concepts)

Taught by Justin Carroll, UNLOC (UNconventional Lock Opening Concepts) offers unparalleled lock defeat training. This course is divided into several modules that are customizable to using-unit needs.

Module I: Lockpicking

This 8-hour module overs the identification, operational, and picking of several families of locks including warded locks, wafer-tumbler locks, and pin-tumbler locks. Students will receive personalized instruction on the legality, theory, and, as well as demonstration and plenty of practice across a broad array of locking hardware. A heavy focus on single-pin picking, raking, and picking security pins. This module provides baseline knowledge of locks and lock operation upon which all other modules are based.

Module II: Bypass Techniques

Building on Module I, this 8-hour module covers bypass techniques for door hardware and padlocks, as well as techniques tailored for use against hotel rooms. These techniques do not attempt to mimic the action of the key, but rather attack the lock’s latching mechanism directly. Though often low-percentage techniques, bypasses are typically much faster and easier to execute than lock picking under field conditions.

Students attending Modules I & II will leave with a top-quality, hand-selected set of tools, which is included in the tuition. Modules I & II are typically taught as a package though exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Module III: Key Based Defeats

This 8-hour module focuses on key-based attacks, such as impressioning, sight reading, and master-key extrapolation. The focus is on generating an operating key with no prior, privileged knowledge. Strong knowledge of lock operation is required for success in this class.

Additional UNLOC Modules

Additional modules are customized to using-unit needs, and cover additional lock families or address specific security problems. Contact us for more details.

For more information on availability and pricing contact justin [at] swiftsilentdeadly [dot] com