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MXG Gear Knife Clips

This is just a quick, in-between-posts post about a gadget that I really dig. I recently changed my EDC knife to a Spyderco Para Military 2. As soon as I got it I immediately disliked the clip. It was shiny, and very high-riding. Fortunately, the PM2 is one of the most popular EDC knives on the market, so there were plenty of replacement options. This led me to MXG Gear.

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My Special Becker BK10 & Sagewood Sheath

The Becker BK-10 “Crewman” is a very common survival/bushcraft knife and there’s nothing special about most of them. I’m sure I’m the one-millionth person to write a blog post about the Becker BK-10, however, mine is a little special. That’s partially why I’m going to write this article; the other part is just because I want to.

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