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Self Reliance

My Luminox Dive Watch: A Constant Companion

Few physical objects that pass through our lives seem to last more than a few years. Despite costing tens of thousands, vehicles are usually gone within a decade. TVs, refrigerators, washing machines? They’re gone within half a decade. Shoes? A year or two. For those of you forty and over: what do you own right now that you owned when you were twenty? I can’t name many but the one item that comes unerringly to mind is my Luminox dive watch.

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Survival Cooking: Charcoal Grills

Today I’m going to talk about using your charcoal grill for survival cooking. It’s not a conventional “prepper” item, and most of the prepper literature prefers to talk about dedicated wilderness/survival stoves. Those definitely have their advantages, but the lowly grill is often overlooked. In my opinion it is one of the best “entry level” survival cooking items you can own.

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Long-Term Storage of Eggs

One of the benefits of living in the country is the ability to have chickens. Our chickens are prodigious layers and we have a seemingly never-ending supply of eggs. This is a huge part of our preparedness strategy: as long as we have healthy birds, we have plenty of eggs to eat, plenty to give away, and plenty to trade, and eggs even supplement our dog food. But things happen. One day we may not have chickens, so we discovered a method of long-term storage of eggs, no refrigeration required.

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Handout Fire Kit

Prepping Others: The Handout Fire Kit

A couple weeks ago I wrote about small, handout first-aid kits. I made them for our hiking friends who have not made their own preparedness efforts. Both of these individuals are great people, they just don’t know where to start. More recently, I decided to build them each a handout fire kit. The handout fire kit is a small, relatively lightweight, fairly inexpensive kit full of really good tools. Let’s take a look at mine.

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