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Self Reliance

Extreme Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter is no longer coming – it has arrived! Last weekend we woke up to over a foot of snow outside. I thought I would share a few of our preparations and lessons-learned from this event. There’s nothing new or ground-breaking, but hopefully some of our lessons can be helpful to your own winter weather preparedness plan.

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Supply Chain Crisis Preparedness

The buzzword on everyone’s tongue lately is “supply chain crisis.” Due to a complex combination of lack of labor, shipping, and whatever else, the supply chain is experiencing some strain. This is causing shortages of certain items and rising prices on everything else. If you need a written invitation to start getting prepared, this is it. Before I talk about that, let’s put the “crisis” in perspective.

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A Personal Financial Preparedness Methodology

This post is a guest post. The author is a friend who cares deeply about financial preparedness. I was more than happy to publish his thoughts here, and I believe you will enjoy this article. Above all, I hope it helps someone out there! The author would like to remain anonymous, but if you have feedback you can reach him through me. Let’s get into it!

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2022: Goals for the Year Ahead

In what has is rapidly becoming something of a tradition here, I’m going to post my New Years’ Resolutions for 2022.  Though it is unpopular to have New Years’ Resolutions, what should be unpopular is breaking them. I do a pretty decent job with mine. What are you going to do this year to make yourself better, stronger, smarter, healthier, and more capable than you are now?

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Beyond Tactical: Black Medical Gloves

I’ve observed a recent trend of cops and even some firefighters wearing black medical gloves. Black medical gloves come with a lot of popular prepacked “IFAK”-style medical kits. This is a good example of “too tactical,” or the cart leading the horse. If you buy a first aid kit that comes with black medical gloves, find some new gloves. I’ll explain why.

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Fire Emergency Preparedness

Most people reading this blog have spent thousands of dollars on guns, ammo, holsters, and training. I’m betting most of you would balk at the idea of spending a few hundred bucks on fire prevention stuff. Fire will kill you and your family just as dead as a mass shooter…and is a much more likely threat. How much energy and attention have you put into fire emergency preparedness?

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