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NPE Carry: Mika’s Pocket Holster Review

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This review marks the next in our series of NPE carry holsters. Over the past several months I have worked with several Non-Permissive Environment carry holsters. This article is our Mika’s Pocket Holster review, a very cool pocket holster and viable NPE carry option.

Full Disclosure: This holster was purchased by me at full purchase price through MikasPocketHolsters.com. I received no incentives whatsoever for this review, and have no financial relationship with Robert Mika whatsoever.

Mika’s Pocket Holster

Robert Mika is a retired LAPD cop. He began making holsters in the early 80s, just a couple of years after I was born. Mike’s Pocket Holsters have something of a cult following, because Mika makes every single one of them by hand. I learned of them at the Rangemaster class I attended late last year. Shortly after ordering a holster from Mr. Mika you’ll get a phone call from him so he can verify the details of your order. A couple of weeks later, here’s what you’ll get:

A very well-designed pocket holster made of what appears to be a vinyl-like material. I’m not sure what the material is; it has the look and feel of leather, but Mika says it isn’t because leather will absorb sweat, and this material doesn’t. The interior of the holster is a very slick material that releases the gun quickly and freely. The inside is also signed with Mika’s name, your name, and the order date.

The outside of the holster has a sticky material that looks like the drawer liner in your kitchen’s silverware drawer. Whatever it is, it does a fantastic job keeping the holster in the pocket. This holster also has another feature: a rigid inner material around the mouth of the holster that causes it to bias in the open position. This helps with reholstering in the pocket (though honestly I’d prefer you remove the holster from the pocket, holster the gun, and replace the whole package).

I studiously clocked my hours with the Mika’s Pocket Holster in my pocket. I carried this holster for 96 hours for this review, all in my right-front pocket.


A pocket holster should do several things. Let’s see how the Mika’s Pocket Holster performs in each of these categories.

1. Protect the trigger. The trigger fits deeply into the holster and is well protected. PASS

2. Keep the gun in a consistent orientation. Mika’s Pocket Holsters are available in either square- or round-bottom to acommodate pockets that are square or rounded. I opted for the square version, as the pants I typically pocket-carry in have a square pocket. This, combined with the sticky fabric keeps the gun upright, 100% of the time. PASS

3. Break up the outline of the gun. Even though this holster lacks the lower wing of the Desantis Super Fly that we looked at last week, it does a great job of breaking up the shape of the gun. This probably owes somewhat to the fact that the holster is less contoured, but it does a good job. PASS

4. Release the gun cleanly when drawn. The lining of the Mika’s Pocket Holster is smooth and does release the gun easily. The grippy material on the outside of the holster does a great job of keeping it in the pocket. PASS

5. Protect the pocket from the gun. Yep…not much more to say here. PASS/FAIL

Also, many pocket holsters are ambidextrous. Is this one?

Ambidextrous: YES

My Thoughts

I think the Mika’s Pocket Holster is a very good pocket holster. It certainly does all the things a pocket holster does..and it is comfortable to boot. One thing that some may not like is that the top of the holster extends well past the back of the slide. This doesn’t effect concealment much, but it does impact one of the biggest benefits of pocket carry.

One of the best things about pocket carry is being able to stand around with your hand on the gun. The high ride of the holster, combined with the rigid insert at the holster mouth, does make this holster less comfortable when the hand is on the gun. And I generally did find the mouth of the holster slightly uncomfortable, the rigid edge sharp against the web of the hand. That didn’t prevent me from carrying in the Mika’s Pocket Holster, though. In fact I used it quite a bit and will certainly use it in the future. It is one of the thinnest holsters out there, and despite my complaints, is very well-designed.

It is also an incredible value. At only $35, this is one-of-a-kind, handmade holster is one of the least expensive pocket holsterson the market. Despite some small quibbles about design, this is a phenomenally good holster, and I recommend it without hesitation. The Mika’s Pocket Holster is available for many different guns. it comes in brown and black, and with a square- or round-bottom. I chose the square bottom version due to the cut of my pockets.

If you pocket carry or plan to, definitely give Mika’s Pocket Holsters a chance!

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