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Patreon Benefit: Extra Writing

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This week I spent several hours answering reader emails. I’m not complaining – I am extremely flattered that some of you care about my opinion enough to actually ask, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I make every effort to respond to everyone who writes in. I realized halfway through writing my fifth or sixth 1,000+ word reply this week that if one person has the question, multiple people could probably benefit from the answer. Which leads me to the point of this post…

Patreon Support

First, thank you to all of you who are supporting me via Patreon . You guys are very early to the party and it is greatly appreciated! For those of you who aren’t yet supporting me, please consider it. Swift | Silent | Deadly isn’t terribly expensive to operate, but it certainly isn’t free. And I am currently investing a ton of time – several hours a day – producing content for you guys.

If I didn’t love doing this I wouldn’t be doing it, but your support – financial and moral – means a lot! Your support is what will keep Swift | Silent | Deadly going, and keep it improving and adding value. According to the principles of permaculture everything must produce a yield to be sustainable. If you get some value out of the blog, please consider contributing to keep it sustainable.

If you can’t afford it, please don’t feel pressured to contribute! I know times are tough. I know that even in the best of times a few bucks here and there adds up. If you cannot afford $5, please do not put yourself in a bind on my account. If you still want to support, contact me and let me know what you like and don’t like, and/or share the blog with a friend. Trust me – that’s a huge help.

Patreon Benefit: Q&A Posts

Benefit: I have recently begun a new series on Patreon: Reader Q&A posts.These posts will be a Patron-only benefit, and they will be available to all tiers. My goal is to make this a weekly feature but I haven’t quite reached the volume of questions where I can promise it will be weekly. At this point I have several posts lined up, and several already written from readers who have given me permission to use their questions.

I’m a fan of John Mosby’s Mountain Guerrilla blog and support him via Patreon. He calls his Q&A posts, “Around the Council Fire,” and while I don’t want to steal his name, I would love to borrow that vibe.

Impact to Non-Patrons: None. Even though these posts are restricted to Patrons, I will still respond to your email directly! You don’t have to be a Patron to receive a response from me, at least right now. I receive a steady (but still manageable) stream of email on a weekly basis, and can still (usually) afford the time to respond to all of them.

Your Privacy: I care more about your privacy than almost anyone else on the internet (this is partly why I need your Patreon support so badly). If you don’t want your question answered in a Q&A post, let me know. I just updated to contact form with the following: “Sanitized versions of questions submitted may be used as part of Q&A posts. All personally identifiable/sensitive information (names, email addresses, referenced cities/towns, etc.) will be removed prior to use. If you are uncomfortable with this, let me know in the email.”

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