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The FBI Pistol Qual with Revolvers, Mouseguns, and More!

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The FBI is the preeminent law enforcement agency in the United States. It is pretty reasonable that a lawful concealed carrier would want to meet the FBI standards for firearms handling and marksmanship. Ascertaining whether or not you do meet this standard is as simple as shooting the FBI pistol qual. In this video I shoot it with six guns, including a revolver and a mousegun. Check it out, and shoot the FBI pistol qual on your next range day.

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FBI Pistol Qual

I found passing this qualification to be very easy. I aced it with three of the six guns used, and passed with a 90 or better with the other three, including the Kel-Tec P32. That doesn’t say a whole lot about my shooting ability. It does suggest that this is not a terribly difficult qual course for a competent shooter to pass. This doesn’t make it without value. I agree with firearms trainers who suggest that being able to demonstrate passing law enforcement qualifications may be a good think to demonstrate, should you have have to defend your shooting ability in court (keep in mind, I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice).

And this isn’t a terrible course of fire on its face. In fact, I would be thrilled if all concealed carry holders could pass this qual. I would be positively elated if all could do so, on demand, with a 90 or better. It tests presentation, SHO and WHO shooting, shooting from 3 to 25, and emergency reloads. I really like the emphasis on multiple shot engagements, too. While not difficult to pass, it it’s also not terrible. Most experience shooters will find the times to be very generous. If you have difficulty making the times, I would recommend beginning all stages from the ready, progressing to holstered, then to holstered and concealed.

The Course of Fire

I retrieved this drill from John Daub’s excellent Drills, Qualifications, Standards, and Tests. The FBI Pistol Qual is fired from 3, 5, 7, 15, and 25 yards. It is fired all from standing with the exception of the last stage at 25 (which is fired from kneeling). All drills are fired from either holstered/concealed, or ready. All stages of fire are fired¬† freestyle (2-handed) unless indicated otherwise. Though the necessary target is the FBI Q, any “Q” target will work including the Rangemaster Q and IALEFI Q targets.

  • Stage 1: 3 yards, draw, fire 3 rounds SHO, transition gun to WHO and fire 3 more rounds, 6 seconds
  • Stage 2: 5 yards, draw, fire 3 rounds, 3 seconds
  • Stage 3: 5 yards, ready position, fire 3 rounds, 2 seconds
  • Stage 4: 5 yards, ready position, fire 6 rounds, 4 seconds
  • Stage 5: 7 yards, draw, 5 rounds, 6 seconds
  • Stage 6: 7 yards, ready position with 3+1 in the gun, draw, fire 4 rounds, emergency reload, fire 4 rounds, 8 seconds
  • Stage 7: 7 yards, ready position, fire 5 rounds, 4 seconds
  • Stage 8: 15 yards, draw, 3 rounds, 6 seconds
  • Stage 9: 15 yards, ready position, 3 rounds, 5 seconds
  • Stage 10: 25 yards, draw, 4 rounds standing, drop to a knee, 4 rounds kneeling, 20 seconds

Scoring is easy. Any rounds within “the bottle get two rounds. With fifty rounds 100 points are possible. Any rounds outside the bottle but within the surrounding silhouette are worth 1 point, even though I counted these as zero. Rounds outside the outer silhouette are, obviously, worth zero.¬† Eighty percent is required to pass (eighty percent pays the rent, as we said in the military), and a 90 is required for firearms instructors.

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