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Video: Integrated Skills Group’s Handgun Proficiency Audit

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I have long been friendly with Aaron from Integrated Skills Group. We “met” in 2019, if memory serves, via the Weekend Knowledge Dump. I have followed ISG with interest, and could not wait to get my hands on a copy of ISG’s Carry The Fire when it came out. When I saw that they had a shooting standard, I knew I had to shoot it.

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The ISG Handgun Proficiency Audit

I came about this drill in a roundabout way. While reading the PGM Standards on progunmillenial, I noticed he mentioned ISG’s audit. The ISG Handgun Proficiency Audit is interesting for its rigorous standards. It must be shot cold. For it to “count” it must be videoed, in long-form. Only hits count, and make up shots are allowed. Most interestingly, the course of fire must be shot while wearing 2nd line/sustainment gear (i.e. a backpack with ~ 30 lbs in it). I highly encourage you to read the canonical post about the ISG Handgun Proficiency Audit. And watch me shoot it here.

The course requires one target, an IDPA/USPSA silhouette. Yard lines are 25, 15, 7, 5, and 3. The course is fired in 6 stages, although four of those stages are fired twice. The total round-count is 25, and it takes about 10 minutes to run. Oh…and you need a pack with weight. I used my GoRuck Rucker and 30-pound weight plate, the same one I used on the GoRuck Tough back in November. Let’s look at the course of fire.

Course of Fire

The ISG Handgun Proficiency Audit is easy to set up and run, provided you have a 25-yard range.

  • Stage 1: 25 yards, from concealment, draw and fire 2, 4 seconds
  • Stage 2: 15 yards, low ready, SHO, fire 1 shot
    • Repeat Stage 2, cumulative part time 4 seconds
  • Stage 3: 7 yards, from low ready, fire 1, reload, fire 1
    • Repeat Stage 3, cumulative time 8 seconds
  • Stage 4: 7 yards, from low ready, fire 1 SHO, reload SHO, fire 1 SHO
    • Repeat Stage 4, cumulative time 16 seconds
  • Stage 5: 5 yards, low ready, fire 5 rounds, 2.5 seconds
  • Stage 6: 3 yards, from concealment, draw and fire 3
    • Repeat Stage 6, cumulative time 3.5 seconds

The course is Pass/Fail, however, there are advanced, intermediate, and basic par times. They are as follows:

  • Advanced: ≤ 38 seconds
  • Intermediate: 38.01 – 49 seconds
  • Basic: > 49

My time was 26.53, though with a couple procedural errors. Have fun, and stay dangerous!

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