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VIDEO: 10-Round Skill Check – The Gunsite 250 Drill

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The Gunsite 250 Drill is a difficult drill with demanding time standards. It only requires 10-rounds, though, and is a great, low-round-count drill that will quickly assess your skills.

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The Gunsite 250 Drill

I shot this drill four times – twice with the Wilson Combat SFX9 (review coming soon), and twice with my Nighthawk Custom 1911. Three of my four scores were within one point of each other (36, 37, 37) and the fourth was a bit better (39 of 50). This drill requires few rounds and little time to run, but don’t let that fool you – it is certainly not easy.

The Gunsite 250 Drill is mean to be fired from concealment. You need a 15-yard range that allows drawing and shooting from the kneeling, a target, and a shot timer. The course of fire is as follows:

  1. 3 yards,  1 head shot, 1.5 seconds
  2. 3 yards,  1 head shot, 1.5 seconds (again)
  3. 3 yards,  2 body shots, 1.5 seconds
  4. 7 yards, 2 body shots, 1.5 seconds
  5. 10 yards, 2 body shots, 2.0 seconds
  6. 15 yards, draw/kneel, 2 body shots, 3.5 seconds

This is a very quick, low-investment way to check your skills or the skills of your students.

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