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NPE Carry: Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster Review

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This review is a continuation of our NPE carry series, and our first review of a deep-concealment holster. Over the past several months I have worked with a number of NPE carry holsters. This review will cover the infinitely popular and commonly recommended Desantis Super Fly pocket holster.

Full Disclosure: This holster was purchased by me at full purchase price through Amazon.com. I received no incentives whatsoever for this review, and have no financial relationship with Desantis.

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Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster

When I purchased the Kel-Tec P32, this was the first holster that I purchased. It was inexpensive, available through Amazon.com, and at my doorstep in just a couple days. It also has a pretty good reputation, so I didn’t think I could go wrong. I wanted to waste no time with the P32, so I ordered one right away. The Desantis Super Fly is a soft, nylon pocket holster lined with a slick material and covered with a “viscous” material. The former lets the gun slip out easily and the latter keeps the holster in the pocket.

The Desantis Super Fly is an updated version of the Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. I have owned a Nemesis in the past, and best I can tell, there are two differences between these holsters. First, the newer Super Fly has a tackier coating that helps it stick to the pocket better when drawing the gun. Second, the Super Fly also has a removable and reversible flap. The flap attaches to the holster via Velcro, and covers the gun to completely break up the outline.

I studiously clocked my hours with the Super Fly in my pocket. I carried this holster for approximately 150 hours for this review, in my right-front pocket, almost exclusively with the flap removed.


A pocket holster should do several things. Let’s see how the Super Fly performs in each of these categories.

1. Protect the trigger. This is a safety issue and therefore non-negotiable. The Desantis Super Fly did a great job of this and I have no complaints. PASS

2. Keep the gun in a consistent orientation. This is both a safety issue and necessary to be able to present the gun effectively. The Super Fly keeps the gun butt up, using both the “wing” at the bottom of the holster and the sticky material. It is also sufficiently rigid. The gun never got out of orientation once despite various periods of standing, sitting, squatting, bending, while conducting activities of daily life. PASS

3. Break up the outline of the gun. The Super Fly does a phenomenal job of this with the flap installed. Unfortunately the flap is very bulky, which draws attention to the pocket in another way. With fairly loose-fit pants, I found that the gun did not print excessively without the flap. PASS

4. Release the gun cleanly when drawn. The holster is lined with a slick pack-cloth which lets the gun slide out easily, and rubbery material on the outside, which helps it stay in the pocket. I had no problems getting the gun out cleanly. The Super Fly even offers a very good firing grip when the gun is holstered. PASS

5. Prevent the gun from wearing a hole in the pocket. No complaints here. PASS

Also, many pocket holsters are ambidextrous. Is this one?

Ambidextrous: YES. The holter can be used in left or right pockets, and the flap can even be reversed to work on either side.

My Personal Thoughts

I think there is a reason the Desantis Super Fly and its predecessor, the Nemesis, are the top of the heap where pocket holsters are concerned. Another important aspect to me is comfort. I need this holster to be comfortable for long periods of pocket carry, and it was. The Super Fly is thin yet rigid. It is soft, yet not overly padded (at least without the flap). This is a holster you can carry for 12 hours or more without ever feeling uncomfortable.

The Desantis Super Fly is also readily available. It is offered for a number of models, from the tiny Seecamp .25 up to the (relatively) enormous Glock 17, and everything in between. It is available directly through Desantis’ website, or on Amazon.com. I honestly don’t feel like you’ll go wrong with this one.


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