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I Wrote a Book and I’m Giving it to Patrons

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Hey guys, I wrote a book. I haven’t published it yet. Honestly I don’t know if I will. As promised in the Patron benefits, I am willing to share it with my Patrons. Here is some commentary from some early readers:

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Your stories resonate, especially for anyone who has served. Your  language can run salty, but let’s be honest: that is precisely how  soldiers, particularly combat soldiers, talk. It is not excessive and it  lends a gritty realism that rings true. In modern, touchy-feely terms,  your voice rings out clearly. Many of the stories are going to be the kind that resonates with  anyone who has served. Chasing girls, drunken SGMs passed out on the  floor of their office for a couple of hours, only to rise magically as  if nothing happened, getting screwed on awards, girlfriends spending us  damn near into debtor’s prison, camping with your dog. It all not only  comes across as honest, but your personal experiences are largely  universalizable. They will not only entertain but wring forth a sense of  nostalgia for just about any adult, particularly men who have served.” – TC Fuller, author Painting Over Rust: Stories from a 20 Year Odysseyin the FBI and No Safe Alternative: Improving How We Teach Cops to Kill

Unparalleled memoir!  Dirk Diggler meets Jack Ryan to  star in modern rendition of Legends of the Fall.  The author brazenly  shares the seedy side of the military and manhood that many know, but  few will admit.  The reader may begin to form a condemning opinion of  the author, but he shows surprising transparency and vulnerability.  At  times he hints of regret on his moral conduct. His training and  operational adventures are things dreamt of by a certain cut of man. Though my moral compass prevents a wholesale endorsement of the work I  must concede the author has a very fair disclaimer, and those who are  offended can pound sand.  The Marine Corps will never endorse this book,  yet it has the potential of increasing recruiting ten-fold.  Coming of  age, finding confidence, seeking adventure (of the legitimate and  illicit variety) are all very familiar to that cocky lot who call themselves Marine.  A few vignettes will cause the reader to ask if he  is reading the author’s story or his own.  You will enjoy this tale, but  may have to take a cold shower. – Uncle Walkie

There is a warning up front, and you should not skim over this part:
The book is a lightly-fictionalized personal memoir, but as you have likely gathered from the reviews, it is has a hard “R” rating. This basically covers my life from joining the military until about 2018 or so. There were some wild times in there, and I bare all (well, most) in this book. It is filled with cussing, drinking, a little fighting, and lots of sex. In fact, the working title is “The (im)Moral of the Story,” which should give you a pretty good idea what you’re getting into. If you’re not into that stuff, it’s probably best not to start this book! If you start reading and get offended, please accept my apologies in advance. But also…you’ve been warned and know what you’re getting into.
Starting in January I am going to release a chapter a week for approximately 20 weeks on Patreon. Once the serialized, chapter-by-chapter version is out there, I’m happy to send my Patrons a digital copy (or maybe I’ll just put it up for download). Looking forward to it!
For those of you only here for the serious stuff: I have another book, about 2/3 written that you will enjoy. Patrons will get free access to it, as wel. Stay tuned.

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