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VIDEO: The 700 Aggregate – The Hardest Drill You’ve Never Shot

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The 700 Aggregate (also known as The Humbler) is the hardest shooting drill you probably haven’t shot. Okay, okay…some of you have. Certainly it is one of the more difficult shooting drills out there, and one that you should try if you have the range facilities for it.

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The 700 Aggregate

There are several reasons most people haven’t shot this drill. Range facilities have to be pretty lax for the 700 Aggregate. You have to shoot in standing, kneeling, and prone positions, and draw from the holster. It’s also a fairly high round-count drill at 70 shots. Because of today’s ammo cost, drills with high round-counts don’t seem super popular.

The biggest reason that this drill isn’t terribly popular, however, probably has to do with its difficulty. The entire drill is fired at a NRA B8 Target at 25 yards. That’s right, 70 rounds at 25 yards. With 70 shots and a possible 10 points, each, this drill is worth 700 points (get it?). So far (as far as I know) no one has claimed a perfect 700 on this drill. This drill will seriously humble you, hence its cheeky nickname.

The 700 Aggregate will force you to focus on the fundamentals. I found myself getting a little loose with the SFX9 and wanted to dial back in. I made a good choice, and got what I was looking for out of The Humbler. This drill was designed for SFOD-Delta, which explains its difficulty. I first shot it at TigerSwan with Brian Searcy, a Delta alumni, and Pistol-Training.com says it was popularized by Larry Vickers.

The Course of Fire

If you want to shoot the 700 Aggregate, here’s the CoF. Keep in mind that all stages are fired from 25 yards. Scoring is as marked on the B8 target for a total of 700 points possible. Repair the target with a B8 repair center between each string to make scoring easier/more accurate. A perfect score is 700, 630 is 90%, 560 is 80%, and 490 is 70%.

  • Stage 1, Slow Fire: 10 rounds, 10 minutes, offhand/freestyle
  • Stage 2, Timed Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster, 20 seconds
    • Repeat Stage 2
  • Stage 3, Rapid Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster, 10 seconds
    • Repeat Stage 3
  • Stage 4, SHO Slow Fire: 5 rounds,  freestyle/strong hand only, 5 minutes
  • Stage 5, SHO Timed Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster/strong hand only, 20 seconds
  • Stage 6, SHO Rapid Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster/strong hand only, 10 seconds
  • Stage 7, WHO Slow Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster/weak hand only, 5 minutes
  • Stage 8, Kneeling Slow Fire: 5 rounds, freestyle/kneeling, 5 minutes
  • Stage 9, Kneeling Timed Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster/kneeling, 20 seconds
  • Stage 10, Prone Slow Fire: 5 rounds, freestyle/prone, 5 minutes
  • Stage 11, Prone Timed Fire: 5 rounds, from the holster/prone, 20 seconds

If you can, give this one a shot. It will force you to work the fundamentals. If you have a hard time with this drill, Greg Ellifritz recommends starting at 15 or even 10 yards, then working back. I think that’s a great idea. Even if you’re an experienced shooter, this drill will challenge you!

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