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VIDEO: How to Shim a Latch, aka The “Credit Card Trick”

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A few years ago I wrote an article demonstrating how to shim a latch and protect your lock from same. This is a topic that I always felt was inadequately covered in writing and photos alone. So, I put together this quick video on how to shim a latch, also known as the ol’ credit card trick. 

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The Credit Card Trick

This is one of those high-probability techniques that gets results. If. If residential doors are something you need to be able to bypass (i.e. you work in emergency services, want this skill for preparedness, etc.) this is a technique you must know. Fortunately it is not difficult. The tools to execute this technique are not expensive or specialized. And you can probably practice on your own front door.

You also need to know this because bad guys already know these techniques. Understanding how they work will help you understand how to defend against them. Unfortunately, a fundamental understanding of security devices is severely lacking these days.

Shim material (‘loid or mica) is available from several sources, including Foley-Belsaw, Sparrows, Covert Instruments, and I’m sure many more. All of these materials are basically the same, buy from the one with the lowest price that has it in stock.

It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), use this information responsibly.

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