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ATP E008: How to Train a Dog

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This week Rich and I are going to talk about the benefits of a well-trained dog…and how to make one.

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How to Train a Dog

Why You Want a Well-Trained Dog

1. Less stressful for you and the dog
– You don’t worry about the dog as much
– The dog knows what you want
– The dog gets “in trouble” less
2. More freedom for the dog – he or she can go many more places
3. Safety for the dog

How to Have a Well Trained Dog

1. Get a smart dog

Book Rec: Intelligence of Dogs, Stanley Coren

2. Build a relationship with the dog
– The dog is not a furry robot and it is not just an eating machine
– Your dog thinks and has emotions
– The dog is totally in the moment; don’t punish after the fact

Book Rec: Inside of a Dog by Alexandria Horowitz

3. Build a Training Plan
– Decide what you want to do
– Decide what commands are important to you
– Recall, Off/Out, Wait, Sit/Down

Book Rec: How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, The Monks of New Skete

4. Training specifics
– Crate training
– the dog’s “safe” place
– not a punishment
– travel with it; the dog always has something familiar and comfortable
– makes the dog less stressed when you leave
– Food training – I am not a fan
– Dog might decide that whatever it is doing is more important than food
– Teaches the dog that it can eat from your hand
– Positive reinforcement
– Negative reinforcement

5. Consistency, consistency, consistency
– Dogs don’t speak English; they memorize your words
– Consistency has to apply to everyone that keeps the dog
– Write down commands and what they mean; get your kids/spouse/dogsitter on board

Book of the Week: The Art of Raising a Puppy, Monks of New Skete

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