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Shooting Drills and Quals

Shooting Drill: The Hackathorn Standards

Today I bring you one of the most complex shooting standards out there: The Hackathorn Standards. Infamous for its difficulty and complexity, this one has been on my list to try for quite some time. It requires a fairly complicated range setup, but if you can shoot it, it will test your skill.

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Shooting Clothed Targets

I have thought a lot about the visual cues we create for ourselves in training. We shoot at targets with clearly defined “A” Zones, bullseyes, down-0 areas, and other clearly marked hits. Are we likely to have these visual cues in a life-or-death confrontation, though? Probably not, and thus the idea of shooting clothed targets. 

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Planning a Good Range Session

I usually go the range and have a decent session. Occasionally I go and have a horrible session where everything seems to go wrong. Lately during most of my range sessions everything seems to go right – I get a lot done, perform well on drills, and feel great the end of it. The difference between all other sessions and a great one is preparation. Today I’m going to talk about planning a good range session.

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MEU(SOC) Pistol Qual: A Very Unusual Course of Fire

Today I offer you a video post of me shooting a very interesting course of fire, the MEU(SOC) pistol qual. This qualification requires the use of a rifle in addition to the pistol. The drill is started by firing a shot from the rifle, simulating the rifle running dry, then transitioning to the pistol. Watch the video to learn more.

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