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Know a Knot! The Double Sheet Bend

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Welcome back to Know a Knot! This week I’m going to show you guys one of my favorite knots: the double sheet bend.

The Double Sheet Bend

The double sheet bend is a joining knot used to join two pieces of rope of unequal diameter (soon I will list explain some knots for joining ropes of the same diameter). This isn’t the most common knot you’ll use, but it is very simple and works really well for its purpose.

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 1

Make a bight at the end of the larger rope. Note which side the standing end of the rope is on. In this demonstration it is on the left side of the bight. This will influence how we route the smaller rope in the next step.

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 2

Pass the second, smaller rope through the bight. Since the standing end of the larger rope is on the left, pass the smaller rope to the left. This will ensure that both tails end up on the same side of the knot.

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 3

Pass the smaller rope behind the two strands of the larger rope.

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 4

Close the loop by passing the small rope back through

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 5

At this point you have tied a sheet end. For added security we will double it with another loop around the larger rope.

Double-Sheet Bend: Step 6

Make sure the tails are both on the same side of the knot. If not, the knot is not secure and fill slip under load. You have now tied the double sheet bend. Now clean it up.

If tying this with technical or general climbing rope (7mm – 11.5mm) put standard pig tails on it (fist to a fist and at thumb). If tying with accessory cord, or small miscellaneous cord like this, make your pig tails an appropriate length. That’s it – you’ve just learned a new knot!

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