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Upcoming Training: Blackside Operator’s Course 01-24

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Coming in Early 2024… A collaboration between Across The Peak co-hosts Rich Brown and Justin Carroll. This immersive, live-aboard, 5-day course is unlike any other “gun class” you’ve ever attended. Designed to give the student the ability to survive and thrive in the urban, “blackside” environment, Blackside Operator’s Course (BSOC) will make you comfortable in any situation. From fancy dinner party to prevailing in a gritty street fight, you’ll be ready. This is a gentleman’s course and business/business casual attire will be expected for throughout the class.

Blackside Operator’s Course (BSOC) Curriculum

The BSOC curriculum is as broad as the threats presented in the urban landscape, and touches many domains. Students will learn to gain non-destructive access, whether defeating a lock or by manipulating the human operating system. Digital security classes will keep the student safe from electronic exploitation. Surveillance/surveillance awareness will let you detect threats before they can close the distance.

The program will elevate your shooting ability from simply operating a handgun to the contextual application of *fighting* with your firearm. Unarmed combatives, kidnapping countermeasures and restraint defeat, and tactical trauma care will keep you alive when things really go south. An informal lecture series to make you just a little more competent and dangerous will accompany lunch each day.

The BSOC curriculum is like no other training event available today. Focusing not only on the execution of skills, BSOC also emphasizes the critical process of properly applying those skills in context. The legal and ethical framework appropriate to each skill will be provided to guide application, and BSOC requires as much in the way of “soft” skills as hard skills. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to be more prepared to survive and thrive on urban terrain. The Blackside Operator’s Course will benefit anyone who realizes that the kinetic solution is only a small part of being competent and dangerous.

Lodging/Food & Drink/Social

Tuition includes executive lodging on a $13M estate. Accommodations (see photos below) include a tiered choice of bunkroom or deluxe stateroom, onsite sauna, workout area, billiards table, two kitchens, and street-level access to a thriving nightlife. Also included are ten catered meals provided by an onsite chef. Three evening events include a Welcome Aboard social, a guided bourbon tasting, and a dinner party coupled with a live social-engineering exercise.

Part scout-camp, part The Farm, part luxury training getaway, this course will not only elevate your blackside survivability, it will also be the memory of a lifetime.

Tuition, dates, location, required equipment list, and more information available by contacting: 

justin [at] swiftsilentdeadly [dot] com
rich [at] americanwarriorsociety [dot] com

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