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Your Dry Practice Plan 4: March 16 – 31

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If you carry a gun, you do so because you believe you might be in a gunfight. If you knew you were going to be in a gunfight tomorrow, would you spend some time dry practicing today? We all waste countless minutes per day mindlessly scrolling social media or watching TV. Take just ten of those minutes each day and better yourself. Here is your dry practice plan for the next two weeks.

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Weak Hand Only (WHO)

At the beginning of this year I broke my skills down into Primary (presentation and trigger), Secondary (malfunction clearance and reloads), and Tertiary (everything else but specifically SHO and WHO manipulation). Most everything else – like moving, shooting around cover, shooting from unconventional positions, etc. – involves some variation of these skills. This has deeply influence the amount of time I have spent on each of those skills to this point in the year.

I spent a full month (January) refining my presentation. I presented standing, squared up to the target, with a lateral side-step, while moving forward and backward, from sitting position, and while buckled into my vehicle’s driver and passenger seats. I spent two more weeks working reloads, and another two working malfunction clearance. When I got to those tertiary skills I have them even less attention, spending only two weeks each with SHO and WHO. During each two-week block I worked presentations, reloads, and malfunctions with the appropriate hand.

As the possibility of each skill gets more remote, the less time I am apt to spend on it. This becomes even more true when we get to the two weeks dedicated to WHO. During each session I also spent a few minutes refreshing two-hand and strong-hand only skills. For example, on malfunction days I would work at least one set of each malfunction two-handed, just to maintain proficiency at the more likely skill.

Next Month

April will see me doing things slightly differently. First, I won’t post a report at the two-week mark. This because I will treat the whole month as a month-long block. I will break it into five, rotating, six-day modules: presentation/trigger, reloads, malfunctions, SHO, and WHO. This is a full month of sustainment on everything I have practiced this year.

Next, I will also be doing ten minutes per day of shotgun during the month of April. This will be in addition to – not a subsitute for – handgun worth with my EDC firearm. I hope some of you come along for the ride!

My Results

Below are my day-by-day results of the past two weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am very excited about this! I am ONE session away from doubling last year’s streak. Last year my longest streak was 46 days; this year I’m up to 91 (so far). One more day…

January 1 – 15: 150 minutes, January 16 – 31: 160 minutes
February 1 – 15: 150 minutes, February 16 – 29: 140 minutes
March 1 – 15: 150 minutes,

March 16: 10 minutes presentation
March 17: 10 minutes reloads
March 18: 10 minutes malfunctions
March 19: 10 minutes SHO presentation/reloads/malfunctions
March 20: 10 minutes WHO presentation
March 21: 10 minutes WHO presentation
March 22: 10 minutes WHO presentation
March 23: 10 minutes WHO presentation
March 24: 10 minutes WHO reloads
March 25: 10 minutes WHO reloads
March 26: 10 minutesWHO reloads
March 27: 10 minutes WHO malfunctions
March 28: 10 minutes WHO malfunctions
March 29: 10 minutes WHO malfunctions
March 30: Two-handed presentation/reloads/malfunctions
March 31: SHO presentation/reloads/malfunctions

Monthly Target: 310 minutes
Monthly Actual:
310 minutes
Cumulative Target to Date:
910 minutes
Cumulative Actual to Date:
910 minutes (15 hours, 10 minutes)
Cumulative Actual w/ Carbine: 1,210 minutes (20 hours, 10 minutes)
Current Streak: 91 days (101 including last 10 days of 2019)
Tobacco Free: YES

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