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2021 Goal Progress – August

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In January of 2021 I committed to some New Year’s resolutions: spend 15 minutes per day learning Spanish, workout 3 times per week, shoot my bow 3 times per week, read 73 books, and stay off tobacco. This is my progress so far in the year.

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August 2021

August was the worst month this year for goal progress. This month was an emotional roller-coaster. On the downside, I lost two friends this month. The first was a 42-year old, retired special operator, who died from COVID. The other, a 38-year old, current special operator, was lost to suicide. There was also a natural disaster in my area that caused me to work some fairly stressful overtime. Work was also very challenging with most of my shifts being filled with nearly back-to-back-to-back calls. I had a lot of “high acuity” patients this month. August was a tough one.

There were also some unalloyed happy moments, too. I found out I’m going to start teaching basic EMT classes, and I’m being offered a full-time, day-shift position at my EMS agency. Secondly, my girlfriend and I had two big events. The first was a party where we invited a bunch of out-of-town friends. It was a blast to see people we haven’t seen for years in some cases. Second, we went out of town for a night for a change of scenery. This was also exceedingly pleasant considering our lack of travel over the past couple years.

I managed to lose a lot of my routine this month. Ironically this was probably the month in which I needed it the most. I think I found the limits of what is realistic this month. With my excuses out of the way, let’s look at what I did manage to do.

Week 1: August 1 – 7

My biggest disappointment this week was missing a day of Spanish. I got to work, we had a call before the truck was even checked off, and stayed running all day. I worked some long, hard shifts and some very critical patients this week.

Week 2: August 8 – 14

Same this week – some all-nighters, one of which resulted in me forgetting to do Spanish.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

~Robert Collier

Week 3: August 15 – 21

Missing two days of Spanish was supremely frustrating. I would get home from work at around 7:30, be discussing the night with my girlfriend and realize, “oh shit! I forgot Spanish!” Is what it is, but it sucks to go from one missed day all year to five, four of which were this month.

Week 4: August 22 – 28

Getting back on the wagon. This week I began a swiftwater rescue class. Since my girlfriend and I have decided to hike the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, we’ve decided to do part of it by kayak. I think this is a pretty important class to take prior to committing a lot of time to kayaking. I am taking the class through my SAR team, and will be a member of our swiftwater team, as well. Long story short, I was one of the top two or three swimmers in the class, but it destroyed me. I need to find a way to get in the water more.

Wrap Up

Good news, though! I have been offered a full time position at my agency. It is on a day shift. I’ll work 12-hour shifts (7AM to 7PM). I’ll work three days one week and 4 the next. No middle-of-the-night calls. No ruined sleep. Hopefully, I’ll stay generally less run down from work.That should start October first. I’ll do what I can to make things better in September, and we’ll see what happens!

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