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ATP Podcast E022: A Brief Introduction to Firearms

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Welcome back to the Across The Peak Podcast, the show Where Rich and Justin discuss preparedness, the birds and the bees, guns, history, tattoos, and… well, basically all the stuff your old man shoulda taught you! After a four-year silence we are re-releasing the ATP archive. Here it is, folks, Across The Peak Episode 022: A Brief Introduction to Firearms! This show was originally released on 11/28/2018.

 A Brief Introduction to Firearms

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What Are You Drinking?

Rich’s Drink: Four Roses Bourbon
Justin’s Drink: Lupu Luau from Dogfish Head Brewery

I decided to include the other photos from our original show notes since they were pretty good photos. At least I thought they were. The first, below is my Nighthawk Custom 1911. This has been my everyday carry pistol for five years, and has almost 10,000 rounds on it at this point.

Some may not know, but I am also a revolver guy and can shoot one really, really well. The favorite revolver in my collection is my 4″ S&W 686-3.

Revolvers do have some serious disadvantages. Modern semi-autos are more adapatable, have higher magazine capacity, and are probably even more reliable.


Book of the Week

Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun by Paul M. Barret. Rich was right, this book is phenomenal. I’ve read it twice, and I’ve recommended it to countless people. You’ll even hear Ky talk about reading it later on in the show.

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