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ATP Podcast E035: The Disappearance of the Norse Greenlanders

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Welcome back to the Across The Peak Podcast, the show Where Rich and Justin discuss preparedness, the birds and the bees, guns, history, tattoos, and… well, basically all the stuff your old man shoulda taught you! After a four-year silence we are re-releasing the ATP archive. Here it is, folks, Across The Peak Episode 035: The Mysterious Disappearance of the Norse Greenlanders. This show was originally released on 02/20/2019.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Norse Greenlanders

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In this history less, Rich explains one of history’s most enduring mysteries: what happened to the Norse Greenlanders? The Norse community lived on Greenland for over 500 years, and they disappeared without a trace. No one knows what happened to them – did they migrate? Starve? Were they raided and wiped out? We will never know, but Rich gives us a masterful history lesson on this little-known topic.


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Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond


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