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The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Handgun?

Like everyone else, I love the idea of “one gun to rule them all.” Actually, maybe I like the idea¬† little more than everyone else. Those of you familiar with the blog know that two of my big interests are handguns and survival. So why not an article about the ultimate wilderness survival handgun?¬†

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A Look Back at My Concealed Carry Handguns

I have carried several different firearms over the past two decades. I recently did an accounting of the guns that I have considered my “carry gun.” The list was longer than I anticipated – six pistols and three revolvers. Since I’m sort of on a retrospective kick lately, let’s take a look at my concealed carry handguns, and more importantly, what I learned from them.

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Gun Review: The S&W M&P Shield Plus

This is a review of the new M&P Shield Plus, Smith & Wesson’s ultra-compact, 10+1/13+1 concealed carry pistol. This article is neither hit-piece nor glowing review. Rather it is a 100% honest, unbiased, unfiltered assessment obtained through 460 rounds and two months with this pistol. You’ll probably have to dig pretty deep to find a more detailed review of the new Shield Plus.

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The Best, Most Overlooked M&P Shield

Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield is an iconic pistol. The subcompact Shield is one of the most popular handguns on the market today. I carried a Shield 2.0 as my primary EDC handgun for a little under a year, and statistically many of you reading this have owned or carried one at some point, too. I am a big fan of the Shield but I think the best of the bunch has been completely ignored.

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