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The Occasional Rant

2021: Goals for The Year Ahead

Good morning and Happy New Year! It seems popular to talk about how you “don’t care for New Year’s resolutions.” Honestly, I think that’s because most people can’t stick to New Year’s resolutions or are afraid to commit publicly to them. Just because you can’t stick to yours doesn’t mean I can’t stick to mine…so here are mine for the coming year!

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2020: An Outstanding Year in Review!

Twenty-twenty was a total “dumpster fire” in most peoples’ book. Coronavirus and associated quarantines/lockdowns/etc, the election, insane ammo prices, riots… The past year just seemed to keep on coming up with ways to make people unhappy. Happiness is a choice. Though a lot of shitty stuff happened this year, 2020 was an outstanding year for me personally.

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Grilled Tri-Tip Roast Recipe

Several months ago I posted an article with some of my favorite recipes. The cover photo was a gorgeous tri-tip roast…to which I did not provide a recipe. Some of you wrote in asking how I cooked it. This is one of my bar-none favorite cuts of meat, and I finally took the time to document the process.

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Respect for the American Flag

Today I’m going to talk, just a bit, about my brand of patriotism and my view of the American Flag. Then I’m going to talk about a few versions of the American flag I’ve seen lately. This has been eating at me for a while; on Labor Day weekend I saw the flag in the featured image, which prompted me to write this.

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Should Everyone Own a Gun?

A reader recently wrote in with a very thought-provoking question: should everyone have a gun? I’ll be honest – it caught me a bit off guard. I realized that I didn’t have an immediate answer, but promised to spend some time thinking about it. I have spent several weeks pondering this question off and on because I wanted to give a nuanced, thoughtful answer. First, I’ll state the reader’s case. Then I will provide my answer to the question, “should everyone own a gun?”

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Housekeeping: SAR, Technical Rescue, Paramedic

Today I want to provide a personal update and let you know why I have been less active on the blog. As some of you may have noticed I have recently slowed down a bit on the blog posts. There are some reasons for that. I attempt to run this blog with some transparency so I’ll let you know exactly what those reasons are.

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