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Long-Term Preparedness Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling in the absence of “the grid” is a subject that seems to get addressed only rarely in preparedness literature. Most of the recommendations are short-term in nature, anyway. This posts is going to cover the most important parts of my long-term heating and cooling system, in hopes that you can learn something and make yourself more resilient onĀ  what I feel is an overlooked topic.

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Preparedness Part I: Preparing Your Body

I may have mentioned that I have some plans to write a series of articles on preparedness. It has been difficult to decide where to start. Yesterday I was reading Sherman House’s Civilian Defender blog and saw an article about personal health. It really resonated with me, and immediately I knew where to start this series. This series will proceed in a logical fashion, beginning to the most important, most urgent priorities. Let’s begin with preparing your body.

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A Brief Introduction to Rechargeable Batteries

I decided to adopt rechargeable AA batteries only recently. I admit that I’ve always having sort of a bias against rechargeables. After having worked with them for a few months I’ve gained a whole new perspective and confidence and in them. Let’s talk about why.

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A Primer on Raising Chicks

Chickens are one of the quintessential preparedness food sources, and for good reason. While it is still fresh in my mind, I’m going to offer some after-action information for those of you who may be thinking of raising chicks. It’s a little late in the season for this, so maybe I’ll repost it early next spring, as well.

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Beyond Beginner Prepping: Building Material

The vast, overwhelming majority of preparedness articles focus on the basics: food, water, shelter, defense, first aid, etc. These articles are sorely needed (and I may duplicate them myself one day) but articles going beyond the basics are few and far between. This week I’m taking a break from gun stuff and talking about a “beyond basic” preparedness category that is often overlooked: building material.

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Micropreparedness: Things You Can Do NOW

It’s a little late in the day to begin preparing for COVID-19/coronovirus. The physical, financial, mental, and emotional preparedness for this should have begun years and months ago. There are some things you can be doing right now to keep a bad situation from getting even worse.

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