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Survival Cooking

Survival Cooking: The Tuna Can Stove

The tuna can stove is a simple, inexpensive little stove that can be made from (mostly) common items around your home. I recently made a few of these. The tuna can stove isn’t going to replace my Jetboil but… Well, let’s get into it and I’ll explain why this isn’t my preferred survival cooking option.

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Survival Cooking: DIY Denatured Alcohol Stove

The soda can stove has always intrigued me. It’s about as cheap as a camping stove can possibly get: it takes about 30 minutes of your time and can be made from two soda cans. Fuel is also cheap; a gallon of denatured alcohol will cost you under $20 at Lowes. Today I’m going to talk about the infinitely accessible “soda can stove” or DIY denatured alcohol stove.

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Survival Cooking: Charcoal Grills

Today I’m going to talk about using your charcoal grill for survival cooking. It’s not a conventional “prepper” item, and most of the prepper literature prefers to talk about dedicated wilderness/survival stoves. Those definitely have their advantages, but the lowly grill is often overlooked. In my opinion it is one of the best “entry level” survival cooking items you can own.

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