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Self Reliance

2022: Goals for the Year Ahead

In what has is rapidly becoming something of a tradition here, I’m going to post my New Years’ Resolutions for 2022.  Though it is unpopular to have New Years’ Resolutions, what should be unpopular is breaking them. I do a pretty decent job with mine. What are you going to do this year to make yourself better, stronger, smarter, healthier, and more capable than you are now?

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Beyond Tactical: Black Medical Gloves

I’ve observed a recent trend of cops and even some firefighters wearing black medical gloves. Black medical gloves come with a lot of popular prepacked “IFAK”-style medical kits. This is a good example of “too tactical,” or the cart leading the horse. If you buy a first aid kit that comes with black medical gloves, find some new gloves. I’ll explain why.

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Fire Emergency Preparedness

Most people reading this blog have spent thousands of dollars on guns, ammo, holsters, and training. I’m betting most of you would balk at the idea of spending a few hundred bucks on fire prevention stuff. Fire will kill you and your family just as dead as a mass shooter…and is a much more likely threat. How much energy and attention have you put into fire emergency preparedness?

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Preparedness: A Realistic Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag (bugout bag, B.O.B., or go bag) is the first place many people start with preparedness. Honestly, if it gets you started, GREAT – it’s a start! Unfortunately the bug out bag is often plagued with unrealistic expectations. Fantasies of “living off the land,” “heading for the hills,” and the “zombie apocalypse” too often color the concept of the bug out. Today I offer you a treatise on a much more useful, realistic bug out bag.

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Becoming a Paramedic

Today I write to you as a a fully-credentialed, practicing paramedic. This post is going to talk about how I got here, and the road to becoming a paramedic. I’ve written about this a little bit before, when I had just started school. There seems to be a lot of mystery about becoming a paramedic, so today I’d like to go into a bit more depth. Here’s my experience. Yours might be a bit different.

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