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Self Reliance

Basic Preparedness: A Down and Dirty Primer

This basic preparedness primer was originally published in September, 2020. It was intended to help people become more prepared for the uncertainty of an upcoming election. With the recent flooding in North Carolina and Tennessee I thought it would be a good time to re-post it, along with a substantial update. I added a couple thousand words to this very long article, including a brand new section on bug-out bags. I sincerely hope this article helps you become better prepared to deal with emergencies.

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The MARSOC 3 Case: What You Need to Know

Some of America’s best and brightest warriors are being held in a judicial purgatory, denied their rights to a fair and speedy trial…if a trial is even warranted. Here’s what you need to know about the MARSOC 3

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My Luminox Dive Watch: A Constant Companion

Few physical objects that pass through our lives seem to last more than a few years. Despite costing tens of thousands, vehicles are usually gone within a decade. TVs, refrigerators, washing machines? They’re gone within half a decade. Shoes? A year or two. For those of you forty and over: what do you own right now that you owned when you were twenty? I can’t name many but the one item that comes unerringly to mind is my Luminox dive watch.

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Survival Cooking: Charcoal Grills

Today I’m going to talk about using your charcoal grill for survival cooking. It’s not a conventional “prepper” item, and most of the prepper literature prefers to talk about dedicated wilderness/survival stoves. Those definitely have their advantages, but the lowly grill is often overlooked. In my opinion it is one of the best “entry level” survival cooking items you can own.

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