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Recommended Digital Tools and Services

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I have written about a lot of security tools over the years. I generally prefer to focus on techniques and behaviors rather than tools. Security-minded behavior is generally more effective than security tools. It is easier and vastly more certain, for instance, to conceal a thought that was never committed to text than it is to erase it afterward. Tools can also create a false sense of security and cause a disregard for the importance of security behaviors.

In some instances tools are indispensable, however. Tools can provide capabilities that behavior alone cannot. This post will serve as a repository of my current recommended tools and services. It will host links to my articles/reviews about these products, as well as links to their host sites, and I will update it frequently. 

Importantly, this page does not contain any affiliate links except where specifically noted.

Resisting Malware



Browser Hardening

See dedicated Browser Hardening section at the bottom of the page.

Miscellaneous Tools

MacUpdater: tool for keeping apps on your Mac computer up-to-date
virtual machine software, see my “how-to” guide (Part I, Part II, Part III)

Defending Cloud-Hosted Data

Password Managers

KeePassXC (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Strongbox (iOS)
KeePass2Android (Android)
: platform-agnostic, cloud-based password manager

Two-Factor Authentication


Securing Data-in-Motion

Virtual Private Networks

ProtonVPN, “How-To” Series/Review: Coming Soon!

Encrypted Messaging Systems

Wire Secure Messenger (preferred)

Email Providers

ProtonMail, my full review (late 2019): Part I, Part II, Part III

Advanced Tools

O&O ShutUp 10 (Windows only) super lightweight, simple telemetry firewall for Windows
Little Snitch (macOS only) network monitor/application-layer firewall, intended for expert-level users
Lockdown App (iOS, macOS just released) application-layer firewall to block trackers, accessible to all users but may conflict with VPN
Glasswire (Windows, Android) network monitor, intended to expert-level users

Safeguarding Data-At-Rest


Apricorn Aegis Flash Drives and Hard Drives (affiliate link)(my SecureKey Review, my Fortress Review)

Data Erasure/Anti-Forensics


Protecting Personally Identifying Information

Protect Your Financial Information

Pay with Privacy/Privacy.com (My Tutorial/Review)
Chex Systems Credit Freeze
Equifax Credit Freeze
Experion Credit Freeze
Innovis Credit Freeze
Transunion Credit Freeze

Protect Your Phone Number


Protect Your Email Address


Browser Hardening




Multi-Account Containers
HTTPS Everywhere
uBlock Origin

Other Resources

Firefox Privacy Modifications


Keep Reading