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Malfunctions: The Squib Load

Last week I had a squib load…and then another. Both were from the same box of factory ammo. If you shoot enough, eventually you’re probably going to run into this ammunition-related malfunction. It’s important to know to recognize this one. Failure to recognize it could result in serious damage to your gun and serious injury to you.

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Marking and Numbering Magazines

Numbering one’s magazines seems like something that is just common knowledge in the firearms world. I don’t see a lot written about it. I searched and found a couple articles, but it seems there is a gap for this information, so I’m going to talk about it today.

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First Look: The Nighthawk Custom Carry

I told you guys several months ago that I would be replacing the M&P Shield that I was, at the time, carrying. I also told you I’d give a look at the gun I was considering as a replacement. Today I will come through on that and give you a quick look at the Nighthawk Custom Carry 1911. Before I get into the specifics of the gun, let me explain why I chose to the give the old super-centenarian a go.

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